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Beyond Data: Eindhoven blijft voorop lopen

Alleen al vanwege de lange lijst met sprekers is het Beyond Data Event een event om je vingers bij af te likken: met Beyond Data (op 29 maart) laat Eindhoven de wereld zien nog steeds voorop te willen lopen in de stormachtige ontwikkeling van datavergaring, -beheer en visualisatie. E52 blikt vooruit:   Het is inmiddels de […]

Constantijn van Oranje Nassau: "The real focus of governments should be empowerment of people"

Prior to the Beyond Data Event we interviewed Constantijn van Oranje Nassau, Ambassador StartupDelta of the Netherlands, Special Advisor European Commissioner and one of the keynote speakers of the event. What is his opinion about open data? How can you engage citizens, universities and businesses? And what about privacy and transparancy in data? “I think the […]

A number of things can go wrong with Open Data Projects

You’ve got data. Lots of data. And more of it becomes available every second of every day. But if you can’t find the customer and business insights within your data, it just remains untapped potential. We’ve asked Tobias Temmink (Benelux Technology Officer within Teradata) about the challenges cities are facing with, which collaborations are effective […]

Catherine Bracy: "It’s not so much about technology, it’s about people"

She believes strongly that with the help of new technology, local governments can work more democratic and that the gap between ‘city hall’ and the citizens will be smaller. Catherine Bracy is the director of Community Organizing of Code for America.The ngo, founded in 2009, is building open source technology and is organizing a network […]

Voor veel gemeenten is open data nog een ver-van-mijn-bed show

Gaby Sadowski, strategisch adviseur bij de gemeente Eindhoven, is bijna een ambassadeur voor Open Data in Nederland. Ze is overtuigd van de meerwaarde voor gemeente, voor bedrijfsleven en bovenal de samenleving. Er zijn nog een hoop gemeenten die huiverig zijn om aan de slag te gaan met open data. Dat is jammer. We kunnen juist […]

Cities have a lot of data, but this needs to be harmonized and made easily accessible

Interview with Joost Brinkman, Director Sustainability, Accenture Benelux What are the main challenges  cities are facing with open data the coming years? Having worked with multiple cities in the last years especially on energy data, I see a couple of challenges: On one hand, cities have a lot of data, but this needs to be harmonized and […]

Tony Lockett "There is a high level of demand for data "

Interview with Tony Lockett, Deputy Head Regional & Urban Policy Communication Unit, European Commission. What is his opinion about open data these days? What are the main challenges and can open data contribute to the quality of life of citizens?  What are the main challenges your organisation is facing with open data the coming years? Through […]

Albert Seubers (Atos): "Open Data is a primary enabler for improving citizen’s quality of life"

Interview with Albert Seubers (Global strategy & business development ICT in Cities, Atos International) about successful open data projects, the future of Open Data and the main challenges cities are facing with open data the coming years. What are the main challenges cities are facing with open data the coming years? First we need to be clear […]

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