Let’s create the new society together!

Message from Vice-mayor Mary-Ann Schreurs about the Beyond Date Event. You can read it or watch the video down below!
Already the 8th edition of the Beyond Data Event in Eindhoven. The event has grown to an international gathering of people all over Europe and even the United States who are joining us in Eindhoven.
As vice-mayor of Eindhoven for innovation and data, we welcome people with new and bright ideas and experiments that foster innovation.
The title is very well chosen. The stakes are high now. We are entering a new phase.It’s not about being Data Driven. It’s about Human Driven Data; in other words what can this data do to improve people’s quality of life. And those are cultural choices. Which society do we want to be? It’s up to us. Not up to our data.
In order to safeguard public interest, we need to act.
We need to act as Europe, not to become a cash dispenser for the strong forces in the businessmodels of many technological companies from both the US as Europe and China. Data that is collected in public space belongs to the people in this public space. And we, only we, can protect this if we consciously make these cultural choices. We decide what happens to our data, and what we want all this data to do FOR us. Businessmodels that serve society, not the other way around. But we are not anti-business, because we need businesses to make it happen.
In our ecosystem of citizens, cities and developers we need to co-decide, co-create and co-produce. That’s the new governance that fits our needs and guarantees our indepence from the strong powers.
During the Beyond Data – On The Edge Edition, inspiring speakers, developers, designers, strategists and policy makers take you on a journey. Side by side. Young talent from the Eindhoven region is welcomed in our Living Data Hackathon. You will see best practices, but also best failures. Because failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success.
My name is Mary-Ann Schreurs. Let’s create the new society together.

Video message:

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