City of Oostende "We don’t always have the reflex of sharing the data"

Interview with Jan Dewulf, City of Oostende

What are the main challenges  cities are facing with open data the coming years?

As we are just starting with “Open data” there will be a lot of challenges the coming years

  • Detecting the useful datasets within the organization and make them usable for others
  • Stimulate the alertness about data and quality of data in the city by showing the possibilities of “Open Data”
  • Optimize our datasets in dialogue with the citizen and different experts, looking for the best practices and give them a platform and support.

Can Open Data contribute to the quality of life of citizens? In which way and why is this so important?

Yes! As a government we own a lot of data but we don’t always have the reflex of sharing the data. Via Open Data we want to create a dialogue with the digital experts among our citizens and co-create and innovate  applications which contribute to the liveability of the city and are useful in everyday life.

Do you have an example of a open data project within your city?

DO² project ->

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