Majken Sander "Open Data can contribute by adding value for the citizens in everyday life"

Interview with Maijken Sander, Business Analyst, Datanerd, DK, prior to the Beyond Data Event. 

Beyond Data EventHow does the Open Data world look like in 2030?

A data landscape with several levels of integration. Everyone is connected. Peoples lives, behavior and preferences are being analysed and classified and by that their lives, needs and actions are predicted and ressources located for how life is expected to be.

What are the main challenges cities are facing the coming years with Open Data?

Education and raising awares with citizens, how data can be of service for them in their lives. And agreeing upon notations, frameworks, APIS and ensure data quality to enable best possible use of data as seamless as possible.

What are your 2 main advises for setting up a new Open Data project?

Make your data accessible in a way that covers several allready know frameworks – even if it makes it a little less cutting edge, it makes it easier for others to use and by that ensuring succes.

Keep focus on the end users needs and motivation. Remember during the project to return to the question ’What does the project do for the man next door’.

Can Open Data contribute to the quality of life of citizens? In which way and why is this so important?

Open Data can contribute by adding value for the citizens in everyday life. Save energy and money, save time, raise awareness on environment in a way easy enough for everybody to care.

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