Data allows us to quantify certain aspects of city development

Interview with Bart Rosseau, E-Strategy Expert, City of Gent. Can open data contribute to the quality of life? And why is this so important?

What are the main challenges  cities are facing with open data the coming years?

Beyond Data Event - Bart RosseauMake Open Data part of the data management chain,
Volumes: increasing Data volumes: data usage gets more data.
Focus: what are key datasets for citizens, city administrators and policy makers.

Can Open Data contribute to the quality of life of citizens? In which way and why is this so important?

Data is an asset. It’ll allow to quantify certain aspects of city development, and Open Data will give some control to the citizens

Do you have an example of a open data project within your city?

AppsForGhent, our yearly hackaton, organized for the 5th time this year. Focus on Library Data. Here open data is a tool for envisioning the possibilities of a new, digital library. We are also working with the mobility department to release and use more open data.
The Ghent Festival is a fine example of how open data helps local SME’s to enrich their portfolio and expose their work to a massive audience.

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