Thomas Schuböck "An open society needs open data"

Interview with Thomas Schuböck, CIO City of Vienna.

What are the main challenges cities are facing with open data the coming years?

Beyond Data EventOpen data in the cites should be as a matter of course. Open data should be a process with an open end and not a project with a finish. An open society needs open data. There is a paradigm cange in the administration of the cities. It is also an answer to the public sector information directive of the European Parliament and of the European Council.

Can Open Data contribute to the quality of life of citizens? In which way and why is this so important?

There are many apps for the citizens, for example: apps for disabled persons to have a barrierefree way. There are real-time-data for the departure time of the public transport (with reminders). Car drivers have information about road works and alternative routeing. Open data could also used for gamification. A new method to bring the behaviour of the citizens to more sustainability.

Do you have an example of a open data project within your city?

The City of Vienna has committed 2010 in the coalition government agreement to the concept of Open Government Data. In May 2011 the Vienna city administration published the first open data records to the population, businesses and the scientific community. Relevant data range from statistics and geographic data or traffic and transport to economic figures. Personal data are strictly excluded from the Open Data concept. The main prerequisite for data to be included is their machine readability in open formats. After five years the project changed to a process.
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