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‘There is still a whole world to conquer’

Frederike Manders is the community manager of Mixed Reality in the Brainport region in Eindhoven. She is one of the co-founders of the Hyper-Space Collective and will be mixing all kinds of reality with data at the Beyond Data Event in Eindhoven. Can you tell more about the Hyper Space Collective? The Hyperspace Collective is […]

‘We make better predictions than Google’

Dutch version? Click here.   The City of Ghent (Belgium) is looking for new applications for data, together with app-developers and businesses. Citizens also participate in creating smart applications. Bart Rosseau, Chief Data Officer at the city of Ghent: “We offer more apt information than Google, because we also take local public policy into account”. Rousseau […]

‘Betere voorspellingen dan Google’

English version? Click here. De stad Gent zoekt met app-ontwikkelaars en bedrijven naar nieuwe toepassingen voor data. Inwoners denken mee over slimme toepassingen. Bart Rosseau is diensthoofd data en informatie van stad Gent. “Wij bieden gerichtere informatie dan Google, omdat wij ook rekening houden met lokaal beleid.” Rosseau is een van de sprekers op het […]

Beyond data 2016: Dancing on the volcano of privacy

Eindhoven – More data we ever could imagine,  many opportunities and challenges, but what about ethics, what about privacy?  These were the topics of the Beyond Data Event 2016, hosted by the City of Eindhoven and Euroforum today. The event was opened by Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, who introduced the new term ‘ABBA’ in dealing with […]

There will be an exponential growth in the volume of data in cities

Prior to the Beyond Data Event we’ve asked KPN, partner of the event, to their opinion about open data. What are the main challenges we are facing? What can go wrong? And which collaborations are effective? “Recent and future developments (will) make it possible to ‘open’ all data and to have it available at any […]

Moving beyond (data) concepts to real-world deployments of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Now in its sixth year, those who have participated in prior Beyond Data events in Eindhoven can attest to the remarkable advancements achieved in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). By harnessing the collective resources and capabilities of the public and private sectors, we’re successfully moving ITS projects from concept to commercial deployments, and in turn coming […]

Bert Pauli: "Er is geen weg meer terug"

Gedeputeerde Bert Pauli van de provincie Noord-Brabant is bijna de ambassadeur voor smart Brabant. Hij ziet de kansen die de high tech innovaties gecombineerd met big data bieden. ,,Niet alleen voor de economie maar voor de hele samenleving.’’ Brabant kijkt vooruit De Brabantse bestuurder die internationalisering en economische zaken in zijn portefeuille heeft, mag ‘zijn […]

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